Eilandhoppen y Ausín Sáinz con el vídeo LAND.

 My video "Land" will present during the folowing up-coming exhibition in the cultural hotspot of Alkmaar, the Netherlands; Stadskantine Alkmaar (in December we also have there our Finnish exhibition). Here are the details:

Participating artists          artwork(s)                            country
A+B                                        var.                                        NL/CH
Joan Priego                          var. wooden sculptures      E          
Evelien de Jong                   var.                                       NL        
Catriona Stranton                var. woodpick objects        AUS    
Ana Ivanovska                     plastic cubes                        FYRM
Cora de Lang                       pacquettas de bombas      ARG    
Diane Meyer                         1 photo Madonna/Prince   USA     
Karrie Hovey                        rhino                                    USA     
Teppo Korte                          var. light objects                 FIN      
Mari Terauchi                       pigs & chickens                   JAP     
Robert Roelink                     mobile home                        NL        
Harold v. Geerestein           Papier-installation              NL       
Ruben Vis                             DJ Jezus installatie            NL       
Mehreen Hashmi                 She-serie                             PAKI
Nicholas Wright                   ?                                             UK       
Ynin Shillo                            photo's + video                    ISR      
Ausin Sainz                          video Land                           E            

Expo open from 16 July - 19 August 2017
Building-up 13 - 15 July & building down 20 August
Opening Sunday 16 July 2017
Tastery: Sunday 23 Julyi? Entrance-fee?
Lecture Mehreen Hashmi, Saturday 15 July?

Island hopping is one of the many favorite holiday activities. In this way you can taste the different spheres of those nice holiday-islands. One island has that picturesque church, the other that colorful flower garden and yet another that beautiful beach, etc. Especially for this summer Global Village Artists Network and The Stadskantine Alkmaar organizes the exhibition "Eilandhoppen". Thus, they create islands with on each one an artist; on one that special Spanish artist, on the other the colorful cubus of a Macedonian artist. Each island has its own character and the spectator can hop from one art island to another art Island.